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Sacha Mane

14th, December , 2020

Since the start of the treatment, i knew i had to do something with how i was eating. So far, my diabetes had too much control on my life. After I gave birth, I felt there was nothing I could do and my blood pressures was a sign of that. As the weeks went by, I realized this was not about doing exaggerated diets or taking miracle pills. It is about learning and wisely choosing what to eat.

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The first weeks were the hardest, not only physically, but mentally as well. It only takes a second for our heads to tell us to go back to old habits that do not require sacrifices. My will to get better was stronger. I was able to do better since my husband was also going trough the same process and we had each other for support to carry on.

After a couple of weeks, I started seeing changes. Not only weight wise, but on my pressure and diabetes. It was a drastic change. My medication changed. I was more energetic than ever. I had an unmatched amount of energy. I didn’t have to tell my mind to resist as much, merely the changes were part of what i wanted in my life. I slowly started to decrease in clothe size.

I learned to read labels, cook healthier and when I realized it became part of my routine. At one point the scale kept saying the same weight but my clothes said something else. At times like this i felt stuck. I can say i can think and eat healthier now. Thank Lurriane for helping me in this process, guiding me in every step and shift my perspective.

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