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Stafford Weight Loss Program

Stafford Medical Weight Loss Service

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Dynamic management of diet, fitness, and behaviors, altered and in sync with the ultimate goal of healthy weight loss, and supervised by a healthcare professional, refer to medical weight loss.

As one of the best weight loss programs by Stafford VA, our medical program is not just any diet plan. We ensure that the program is supervised by a professional. We focus on preventive medicine and thoroughly investigate each patient before suggesting weight loss programs tailored, especially for them.

The Process of Weight Loss Programs by Stafford

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  • Step 1 :

    The first step is a 40-minute preliminary wellness exam conducted at the weight loss clinic, Stafford. The process includes a thorough history and health exam, a Body Composition Analysis (BCA), and an EKG and Body measurements.

  • Step 2 :

    The next step is to meet your medical provider at the weight loss clinic, Stafford, for a detailed 45-60 minute session. Here, we discuss your test results, delve deeper into your history, and formulate a personalized weight loss program.

  • Step 3 :

    We supervise your weight loss every step of the way. For this, you are required to visit the Stafford weight loss clinic weekly for weight monitoring and counseling. The BCA is also repeated every fourth visit to check your progress.

  • Step 4 :

    Our professional weight loss program in Stafford offers a smart solution for your maintenance plan.

  • Step 5 :

Our clinic offers a comprehensive meal plan with both grocery and plan replacements available to each patient.

Factors that affect weight loss

Instead of opting for a quick weight loss, go for long term management programs. Look for professional weight loss programs in Stafford, VA that focus on a constant weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week along with holistic health.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the following factors influence weight loss:

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Cultural background and social circles
  • Family history
  • Sleep cycle
  • Underlying medical conditions

Benefits Of The Stafford Weight Loss Program

OOur program is considered one of the best weight loss program in Stafford due to the following advantages it offers –

  • A personalized weight loss plan with a holistic approach that treats comorbidities improves life quality and meets personal goals.
  • Medical supervision, ongoing monitoring, nutritional and behavioral counseling by medical weight loss specialists in Stafford for your safety and to promote healthy habits.
  • Our programs are effective owing to the scientific approach undertaken by the weight loss clinic in Stafford, VA..

Why Choose Stafford Weight Loss Program

While losing and maintaining a healthy weight may seem like an undaunted feat, fear not. Our medical weight loss specialists in Stafford, VA, help you stick to your plan and closely monitor you to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

    • Our programs are professional and scientifically approved

The professional supervision of each patient vouches for the safety and genuineness of the program. As we focus primarily on preventive medicine, you do not have to worry about our customized programs’ adverse effects.

    • Customized programs and maintenance plans

Every individual differs in their body type and subsequent response to various treatments. Each one comes with its history and background. Hence, we devise personalized plans for each patient, considering their current lifestyle and personal goals.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us at New Creation Health & Wellness for more information!

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Medical weight loss is the assertive administration of fitness, diet, and healthy behaviors regulated by a medical provider. An effective medical weight loss program comprises metabolic testing and monitoring during the program.

Furthermore, professional weight loss programs in Fredericksburg VA by New Creation Health & Wellness - Weight Loss Specialist in Stafford VA can familiarize you with more details.

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In addition to being a supervised program, medical weight loss is a comprehensive approach to achieving a healthy weight. It focuses on a holistic approach and helps you lose weight naturally and effectively.

We move in 5 phases - a wellness exam, meeting the medical provider, regular follow-ups, maintenance plans, and lastly, meal plans. You can contact us to learn more about our program in-depth.

Besides being specially customized to suit your needs, our program follows scientifically approved methods and comes with medical supervision. With regular check-ups, you can easily overcome your weight loss challenge.

With medical supervision, we offer personalized emails for daily reminders to follow the diet and exercise routine. We also provide recipes so you can make your weight loss journey an enjoyable one.

We believe that a single weight loss program cannot promise the same result for everyone. It is, therefore, that we have prepared appropriate weight loss programs for everybody.

One of the modifications in your weight loss program might include a modified liquid diet plan.

Furthermore, for us to offer you the best and most suitable weight loss programs for you, it is required that you tell us about your present medical conditions, allergies (if any) as accurately as possible.

If you’re looking for an expert at Stafford weight loss center VA, we can assist you!