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Roy Sepulveda

14th, December , 2020

As someone with severe heart issues, I was always encouraged by a battery of professionals and peers to lose weight, not out of me looking like a whale, but out of real medical concern. I reached a weight in where I was no longer comfortable being at, I’ve always been big, but not like this.

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The reason why I decided to partake this treatment was out of my trust on Lurriane Raymond as a medical professional. The changes in practices and the diet are not hard per se, they were just slight extensions of the steps I was already taking to get healthier. The mindset is what takes the longest to figure out, on a good day, it’s easy to avoid the unhealthy stuff, but one keeps getting bombarded everywhere, and it’s so accessible too!

In terms of results, I started losing weight around the second and third week, and then have been on a steady bit-by-bit decline. I look about the same and have not dropped sizes, BUT, at this time, I’ve lost around 30 pounds and my blood pressure has decreased to the point where I might require a fraction of the medications I was taking before. I can also perform more severe physical activities, and for longer periods. I have not lost all the innate desires of wolfing down on food, but I can choose when and how much I can indulge myself without being truly detrimental to my health. I would not have made it this far without Lurriane.

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