Meal Replacement



All of our health & wellness programs like weight loss, IV nutritional therapy, etc. are medically-supervised to ensure safety and quality outcomes .


We believe that patients’ engagement in their health is essential to meaningful and sustainable outcomes. Therefore, we use different education and coaching approaches to empower each one of you to live healthily.


Our weight loss plans includes nutritional counseling, meal replacement products, natural supplements, vitamins, and IV nutrient therapy to promote and maintain better health.

Meal Replacement Products

  • What Is A Meal-Replacement? 
  • A meal replacement is a portion-controlled, prepackaged meal, shake, drink or bar containing approximately 100-200 calories. It can replace an entire meal or snack to help you reduce your total calorie intake and lose excess weight. Meal replacements may include nutritionally fortified diet protein shakes, snack bars, and low-calorie meals. 
  • Unlike other meals, the weight loss shakes and bars are usually low in fat and calories, with about 100-200 calories, 2-5 grams of fat, about 10-15 grams of protein, up to 5 grams of fiber, and a vitamin mineral blend
  • Meal replacement is a useful clinical tool to support calorie restriction and provide optimal levels of macro and micro nutrients. Added protein during calorie restriction aids in satiety as well as supporting lean body mass and metabolic rate. In addition, continuing to substitute a meal replacement for one or two daily meals or snacks has been found to support long-term weight maintenance.
  • They simplify meal planning because they are convenient — easy to store, and require little preparation.
  • They reduce the number of decisions you have to make about what to eat and reduce your exposure to tempting foods that might result in overeating.
  • We recommend eating 1 or 2 healthy “grocery” food meals when using meal replacements during the weight loss phase, then replace 1 meal per day to maintain weight.

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