Automatic Reward of $250.00 toward your weight loss kit upon joining our membership program regardless of your payment option. (The kit contains: a smart scale, smart blood pressure cuff, a Fitbit, exercise band, measuring tape, and a protein shaker. ($250.00 value). You must complete the membership or pay the $250.00 back.

For a limited time only, we offer a significant discount to you on every payment option.  In addition to the $250.00 saving on your weight loss kit, you can save up to 32% on the membership fee, which is up to 37% of the total program cost.  Pay in one payment and save more.

Read our full Membership Terms & Conditions for more information.  For any questions about our membership options or the program itself, contact us at [email protected]. Your health is our aim, and we are committed to help you achieve healthy quality outcomes

Month 1-2/ Wk 1-8
Phase I Fundamental education and Food Elimination
  • Building the foundations through -- nutrition, exercise, and behavioral teaching/coaching
  • Daily digital access
  • Weekly meeting x 4, then every other week.
  • On-going digital feedback
  • Consider Meal Replacements
  • Lipotropic injections recommended
  • Add medications if needed
Month 3-5/ Wk 9-21
Phase II Application of phase I
  • Reintroduction of food
  • More in-depth education
  • Daily digital access
  • Every other weekly coaching meeting
  • On-going digital feedback
  • Lipotropic injections recommended
  • Add or adjust medications as needed
Month 6-9/ Wk 22-37
Phase III Transition
  • Putting it all together
  • Refinement of lessons
  • Daily digital access
  • Every other weekly coaching meeting
  • On-going digital feedback
  • Lipotropic injections recommended
  • Add or adjust medications as needed
Month 10-12/ Wk 38-52
Phase IV Sustaining
  • Healthy for life
  • Focus and refine: Addressing areas that need improvements
  • Daily digital access
  • Every other weekly coaching meeting
  • On-going digital feedback
  • Lipotropic injections recommended
  • Adjust or discontinue medications as needed
  • Repeat Labwork

Pricing Options

One-Time Assessment Fee

Includes: registration, labwork, comprehensive screening: ( behavioral-diet scales profile and readiness-metabolic survey), findings analysis, plan customization and two initial visits

One Year Membership Commitment

Pay in full in one payment of 3,399.99 instead of  ($5,000.00) or  two (2) payments of $1,799.99, instead of ($2,500.00) within three months, or four (4) payments of $999.99 every two months/60 days instead of ($1,250.00) within six(6) months. 


Receive the Weight Loss Kit free with any one of the payment options. (This offer is for a limited time and requires one full year membership completion.

Health Champion Alumnus Club member

One year forward:  Become a Health Champion Alumnus Club member for only 365.00/ Year, only $1.00/day.  After you pay the yearly Alumnus Club membership, you will be provided with a coupon to take 10% off any of our services or products where indicated. Continue to use our digital application at no additional cost to you for ongoing tracking (Attend our yearly health & wellness expo gala for a nominal fee).


Not at the moment. Our program is designed to be affordable to everyone including the uninsured.  Some of the medications may be covered by your insurance.  The compounded medications are not covered by insurance but are reasonably affordable.


Yes.  You can apply directly on our website for Care Credit. Pay the membership fee in full and repay your loan in 12 months with no interest.

You can use the funds to pay for your program; however, your plan does not pay us directly.  You will need to buy the one-year membership one-time payment option using your regular credit card (not your HSA/ FSA card). We will provide you with a statement of purchase.  Please check with your plan to ensure that you will be reimbursed for your weight loss program

Medications are adjunct tool to the program.  They are not a must.  Some of our patients lose their weight without taking medications.  Some others may need the help of medications, at least temporarily to help them achieve optimal weight loss.

Our program is not a one-size fits all.  We customize your plan using the tools at our disposal to ensure that you meet your goals safely.

No. It is not a must. We recommend meal replacements as a tool to jumpstart your weight loss.  We found that patients who use meal replacements during phase I of the program lose a more significant amount of weight.  Phase I is primarily a learning phase.  During this phase, you have not yet mastered the key concepts of healthy nutrition and behavioral modification; therefore, meal replacements make lifestyle transition easier for you to assimilate and apply.

Yes, you can.  See our Membership agreement section 6 for further details.

Registration and Screening fee refunded before your initial appointment minus $75.00 fee. Not re-fundable after the first appointment.

membership fee: See the membership agreement terms and conditions section 6 for details. There is a $250.00 fee for membership cancellation.

Yes, during your first appointment, your practitioner will show you how you can self-schedule your appointment using available appointments.

Absolutely.  Our interactive communication application allows you to send us secured messages.  We do our diligence to address your concerns promptly within a day.

The use of smart devices is an integrant part of the program.  You are to pair these devices with the digital application on your smart phone. During your appointment, you will be asked to check your weight and vital signs. They will be recorded in real time and tracked on your application. 

As often as you wish, but at least daily.  You will receive daily activities, lessons, or recipes ideas.  We encourage that you plan 15 minutes every day to engage in the digital platform.  There are many tools available on the platform.  Once you create your account, you decide how engaged you want to be.

Weight loss is a personal experience.  While we are confident in the successful outcomes of our program, we cannot guarantee specific number of lost pounds.  Most people who have done this program lost about 5-10% of their initial weight.

. Sign up now. Pay the registration and screening fee to have your first appointment scheduled

  1. Once you start, be A CEO

A- Adherence to the plan.  It works.  But only you can make it work.

C- Collaboration. Possible through open and effective communication and accountability for own learning.

E- Engagement in self-care. Essential for awareness, timely feedback, and adjustment when needed.

O- Ownership. Take control by focusing on the solutions instead of the problems, and on your “Can” power instead of giving power to others’ influences.

You can do it.  Let us start today.


Only after completing member program

Available only to "ALUMNUS" who has completed at least one year membership program