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New Creation Health & Wellness is the path to a new you, established on a passion for wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention. We believe that we were created to be and live healthily. Our Mission is to serve God by empowering you to embrace better health. We aim to help you gain control of your weight and health, be well, look well, feel well, and live life abundantly

We are located in Fredericksburg, VA. We believe that each person is unique and different, and any treatment must address the root cause of the problem, not its symptoms. As such, we offer a variety of safe, effective weight control, weight loss programs and wellness services that target each person’s individualized goals. We pride ourselves in using a wide range of programs that promote and maintain health, vitality, and wellness.

Contact us to learn what we can do for you. Come and find your path to your new You.


  • Medically-supervised Weight Loss programs: virtual program



All of our health & wellness programs like weight loss, IV nutritional therapy, etc. are medically-supervised to ensure safety and quality outcomes .


We believe that patients’ engagement in their health is essential to meaningful and sustainable outcomes. Therefore, we use different education and coaching approaches to empower each one of you to live healthily.


Our weight loss plans includes nutritional counseling, meal replacement products, natural supplements, vitamins, and IV nutrient therapy to promote and maintain better health.

Welcome to


Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Programs
Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins



We all have a particular image of ourselves in our minds. We all aim to live the best life with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. However, most of us need guidance and support to become a better version of ourselves. At New Creation Health & Wellness, we help you to create a better and healthier lifestyle for yourself. Our weight-loss and diet programs are created out of our passion for promoting healthy living and lower medical risks.

Our aim is to motivate you to embrace a better way of life. You can now achieve control over your weight with our weight loss programs. At New Creation, all our treatment plans are directed towards eliminating the root cause of your problems. Hence, we provide services that pertain to the specific goals of each individual. As the best weight loss program in Fredericksburg VA, we make sure our customers are always happy with the result.


  • Quality & Effectiveness: Our program is designed based on the latest scientific guidelines to ensure quality outcomes.  It is not a trial. It works.
  • Safety: We provide a medically-Supervised Weight Loss Program.  We journey with you to ensure your safety at every step of the process. 
  • Affordability:  We offer the best program at the most affordable cost. One year membership program that allows you to meet your goal with no stress.
  • Accessibility: You can achieve your goal 100% virtually.  Daily access to our digital platform, smart devices for real time monitoring and follow-ups. Interactive video conferences for one-on-one coaching.
  • Patient-centered: We acknowledge that each person is unique and different. Therefore, we use different tools so you can choose what best fits your needs to achieve your goals. 
  • Timeliness: No long waiting to communicate with us. We make it possible and easy to reach out to us seamlessly whether via texts, phone calls, emails, or the interactive platforms.
  • Equity: We treat all of our patients with compassion using the same quality standard of care while individualizing their care to meet personal goals.
  • Empowerment:  We empower you to sustain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, and behavioral teaching/coaching, and self-care engagement. 
  • Proven Results: You will improve your blood glucose, blood pressure, mobility, fitness, and general health while decreasing your risks of chronic diseases, such as heart attack and stroke.
It is our aim to answer to the daily call of improving health in our community. By choosing us , you opt for Integrity, Compassion, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Engagement.
  • For more information regarding our medical weight loss programs, feel free to get in touch with us

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  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Washington DC

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Medically-supervised weight loss is weight loss achieved under the supervision of a medical provider within a weight loss program. The medical provider customizes the program to individual patients based on their medical history, health needs, current weight status and goal, lab results, and behavioral assessment analysis.

A program is a plan or a sequence of instructions to perform to attain a goal. It denotes a long-term commitment and a standard. New Creation Health & Wellness weight loss program provides evidence-based instructions to help patients lose weight. Our program consists of two primary stages: a) the weight loss stage requiring weekly-to-every other week one-on-one coaching, and b) the sustaining stage. Together these stages make up the four phases of the program.

Evidence-based findings showed that people who continued with long-term follow-up are more likely to retain their lost weight. (Lutes, 2017, Look AHEAD, 2014).

Our program focuses on behavior change for long-term goal achievement. Evidence shows that the critical factor in sustaining weight loss is behavioral change. Our weekly /every other week counseling sessions equip our patients to make gradual changes toward dietary intake and physical activities. (Butryn, 2011; Lutes, 2017; Look AHEAD, 2014). Our program promotes patient engagement and self-monitoring through our mobile application. We encourage food logging with calorie count and water intake. Text/email reminders of daily tasks to promote adherence.

Besides, we provide other interventions, such as protein-rich meal replacements, vitamins & minerals, lipotropic injection, and possibly appetite suppressants if needed and safe, that can help with short-term weight loss while breaking old habits.

Above all, New Creation Health & Wellness is your partner to health.

  • We put you first because you are the reason we exist.
  • We aim to provide you Safe, Effective, Patient-centered, Timely, Efficient, and Equitable care because we value quality, and you deserve the best.

Protein-rich meals preserve fat-free mass and increase satiety, leading to a decreased need to eat, facilitating weight loss.

Individual weight loss varies. However, people can lose 2-3 lbs or more a week during the weight loss phase and 1-2 lbs during the sustaining phase. Healthy weight loss is not a slide, but more like a staircase. That is why behavior change is essential to sustainability.

  • Enrollment and health screening
  • Plan customization based on screening results and personal weight goal
  • Weekly / every other week counseling based on behavioral questionnaire results analysis along with any interventions included in your plan.
  • Weight loss stage: up to the time it takes to reach your desired weight.
  • Sustaining stage: starts when you achieve your target or healthy weight.

It is a one year membership program consisting of four phases. You will receive daily guidance during the 365 days duration, weekly-to-every other week one-on-one coaching.

New Creation Health & Wellness vows to remain your accountability partner in your health journey. We will be there for you whenever you need us.  You can continue with us and become a Health Champion Alumnus for a small fee of $365.00/year. Only $1.00/day