From: $999.99 every 2 months

One Year Membership Commitment

Pay in full in one payment of $3,399.99 two (2) payments of $1,799.99  within three (3) months, or four payments of $999.99 every 2 months/60 days within six months of the program and receive the Weight Loss Kit free.  All payments must be complete by month six of the program

(This offer is for a limited time. Requires one full year membership completion)

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Automatic Reward of $250.00 toward your weight loss kit upon joining our membership program whether you choose the one-time payment, two payments within three months, or four payments within six months payment schedule.  However, if the program is not completed, you are required to pay $250.00.00 back to New Creation Health & Wellness, LLC for the cost of the Smart Devices kit. The kit contains: a smart scale, smart blood pressure cuff, a Fitbit, exercise band, measuring tape, and a protein shaker.
Read our full Membership Terms & Conditions for more information.  For any questions about our membership options or the program itself, contact us at [email protected]. Your health is our aim, and we are committed to help you achieve healthy quality outcomes.


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